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Default Re: The Portland Trailblazers Will Select Kevin Durant In The NBA Draft

Originally Posted by monthh
This thread made me laugh a lot. It is like talking to a wall.

As for the pick, it should and will be Oden. Randolph is gone. The GM has all but said that in interviews. He says they want to have good citizens on the team, and never mentions Randolph as a guy to build around. Oden and Aldridge will be dominate inside. You can start CJ Miles and still have a good frontcourt.

The above quote made me laugh! Ironic...

First off it's not CJ Miles (Its Darius Miles) secondly if you knew anything about Portland Basketball you'd know that Miles is more hated in Portland than Z-Bo, for two reasons.... Miles shows up in street clothes, and Z-Bo actually is productive.

If Z-bo Leaves, and goes to the East... he will be in the all star game next year. I think he's that good. Does he have personal problems? yeah... so does 1/3 NBA players... if they aren't beating their wives, there fighting there dogs... Zach has got a bad rap in Portland but he's really not that bad, he will go to a team and he will be a huge lift for that team. Will Portland be better off without him? maybe... will they have to find someone to give them 23 and 10? certainly. Oden would certainly help, but so would Durrant.

All I know as a Portland fan, I want whats best for the team... and I truley don't know which would be better. I'm trying to have an open mind, I still am pulling for Oden, but who knows. I know I'll be at the RoseGarden next Thursday, watching on the big screen... Thats when we'll know, thats when Portland can finally get off the snide.
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