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Default Re: The Portland Trailblazers Will Select Kevin Durant In The NBA Draft

No I meant CJ Miles. I was thinking of the worst player they could possibly start and Miles is the worst I could think of. Darius Miles is certainly not the worst.

And if you listen to the podcast on ESPN by Chad Ford, their GM talks about all the stuff I said. He never brings up Randolph in regards to the future of the team (nor does he bring up Darius Miles, but that is really just an afterthought since he has been injured and everything). And yes Randolph is a very good player, I agree with that, but he is trying to turn this team into the Spurs. Players who are better than that 1/3 of NBA players who have problems.

And if they really want to draft the best player available, then Oden has to be the choice. Durant is the better scorer in college, but that means nothing in the NBA. Oden's game is not only more advanced in more areas, but is also more suited to the NBA. I never once thought that Durant would go #1 during the season even when he was scoring 30+ every game because he defense was poor. If the Blazers want the better scorer, then Durant is the pick, but he will not be the better player or the better "winner." I think it will be like Duncan vs. Redd. Redd is the better scorer, but give me Duncan.

With all this said, Seattle is still getting a future All-Star. He will sell a ton of jerseys, fill a lot of seats, score a lot of points, and have a lot of threads about him here.
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