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Default Re: Josh McRoberts or Jason Smith

McRoberts has a lot more upside, but Smith will step in and help out right away. I see McRoberts being a system guy because of his passing ability. If he reaches his potential, then he could be a 20/9/4 player. It would be like Webber with the Kings. However, he doesn't always play as hard as he should. That was clear in college. You could tell when he turned things on. That is a problem I think. I think he maxes out as a 14/7/4 guy in the right system to use his passing ability.

As for Smith, I see a solid, somewhat athletic center who will be a good scorer. I could see 14 points a game. I think he would be like maybe Zaza Pachulia type of player. A solid 12 and 7.
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