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Default More from the Kobe video

"Andrew Bynum? What the f---?" Bryant says in disgust. "Are you kidding me? Andrew Bynum? F---ing ship his ass out. Are you kidding me? We're talking about Jason Kidd. But they didn't even want to do that. Now we're here in this f---ed up position."

The tandem then asked Bryant what he thought about Bynum's potential. Bryant smiled and started to shake his head as if he was about to go on another tirade.

"You know what man? Let me tell you something. Mitch Kupchak had the nerve to ask me..."

At this point the 24-second video clip ends abruptly and we are left to wonder what Bryant says next. "The Kobe Video Guys" say that Bryant went on to say, "How good do you think Andrew Bynum is going to be in 10 years? Are you f---ing kidding me? I'm trying to win this s--- now."

First of all these guys are going to make NO money from this tape, they should have just sold it when they had the chance, because its all leaked now.

And the bolded part is the real reason KB wants to be traded. Lakers are on a long term plan and he's on a win now plan. He doesn't trust that they are going to change course and he feels his window closing.
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