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Default Re: Josh McRoberts or Jason Smith

McRoberts has all the talent in the world. In a stretch against I believe UNC this year he was without a doubt the best player on the court. Brandan Wright, Hansbrough, Lawson, they couldn't touch him. If he did that for the entire year, I truly believe that the Sonics would have a tough decision to make. He could have been a 22, 11, and 5 player. When he is on, he finds open players with his passing skills, takes the ball and drives to the hoop with his athletic ability, runs in the open court with his ball handling ability, grabs rebounds with his rebounding ability, and knocks down jumpers with his shooting touch. When he is not playing hard though, he stands around, looks to pass every time he gets the ball, and crashes the boards well.

I just can't picture anyone else except Webber on those old Kings teams where he did a little bit of everything to make that offense flow so smoothly. Getting up the court on fast breaks, passing from the top of the key, attacking the basket, hitting open jumpers, rebounding, blocking shots. He did it all. McRoberts could be that type of player, but I don't think he will. He could be a 14, 7, and 4 guy in the right system as I said, but if not he will only be a backup bigman.
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