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Default You seem to have forgotten about Luther Head

We do have a solid line up. But we still need a lot of help. T-Mac will be playing mostly SF. Battier will probably start at PF and only play SF when T-mac is out. Novak will be playing mostly PF. The Lineups go more like this:

PG: Alston / Lucas
SG: Bogans / Head
SF: McGrady / Battier
PF: Howard / Novac / Battier
C: Yao / Motumbo

with quicker line ups (like phoenix or dallas) we can now go w/
Novac, Battier, Mcgrady, head, alston...or even smaller, quicker, and better defensively with:
Battier, Mcgrady, Bogans, Head, alston.

With the whole lineup being a three point threat we could match up with the quick run and shoot teams. Battier and Bogans and Defensive Minded as well which benefits us a lot.

We could use better shooting and more size at the SG position and perhaps a younger C/PF to back up Yao. Other than that, we should be alright.
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