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Default Re: Unforgettable moments in your basketball life.

I've never been a big scorer (at least after leaving high school where I did not too bad, but I wouldn't say the competition was crazy good), and I've been playing in rec leagues for years and I've got a few good memories, though none are particularly spectacular I guess. The closest I've really come to winning a team a game is getting an and-1 on an offensive rebounding and hitting 5 for 5 from the line within the last minute to get us over the line by 3.

The last 4 foul shots were intentional ones to stop the clock, but - and I'm sure we have all had one of those moments where you are in some kind of trance and just feel good and loose and confident in your shot. And I've never been the best foul shooter, cause when you don't shoot a lot of them I found I'd split a pair every game. But in this particular game I just felt confident. On the in-bounds I wanted the ball - I knew they were going to foul - and I was confident in my abilities to make. Felt like Steve Nash shooting those shots.

I also had another game where I hit the go ahead bucket with less than a minute. I think some of my team mates were worried I was shooting too early as we could hold for the last shot. But I got the pass - the other team had extended the D, playing a trapping zone I guess - and I am open on the base line, about a 12 footer I guess. And that is totally my shot. To be honest, I shot it without thinking, as soon as I caught it. I think I must of had in my mind that if I did get it and I had the shot I was comfortable with, I was gonna take it.
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