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Diaw is not a max level player. Again its the Suns system. Im sick of saying it. If Diaw is a max level talent the Suns should win next close to 70 games?right??

Nash= MVP= All Star
Bell/ Barbosa/ House = amazing shooters
Marion= All Star
Diaw= All Star
Amare = All Star(now he looks like a bum but im assuming he gets somewhere near what he was)/ K Thomas

Thats 4 legit All Stars, including the MVP plus amazing role players and Nash being the best pg should be able to bring them together. But for reason i dont see them making it out of the 2nd round.

Maybe it is because Amare is nowhere near himself now, getting dunked on around by Maxiel and Chick Samb.

I diverged from the topic but Diaw on any other team is a 2nd or 3rd option. He isnt even near Odom's level and he isnt getting a max contract.
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