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Default Re: The Portland Trailblazers Will Select Kevin Durant In The NBA Draft

I'm not saying they shouldn't take Durant, but dude your argument sucks! Seriously its really painful to read. You're saying the blazers should repeat what they did in the draft where they passed on Jordan for Bowie? That didn't work for them then why would they try it again. Now, picking Durant might be the right move though. With all the young talent the Blazers have they don't really have a great scorer and if the trade ZR there scoring will suffer further. B. Roy looks like a really good player, but I don't think he is a #1 scorer if the Blazers are looking to contend. I don't think Oden or Aldridge will be big time scorers either. Durant on the other hand is a 6'10 T-Mac who can score 25+. If the Blazers do pick Oden how about a sign and trade with Seattle ZR for R. Lewis? Seattle get a big who can play and Portland gets a good three man who can score it. Not a great scorer, but maybe with Roy, Lewis and Oden it would be enough for Portland to contend. Although, with Aldridge and Oden blocking shots in the middle how many points will they need to win?
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