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Originally Posted by wang4three
A program like Duke doesn't take on many one year and done players. The only player in recent memory is Loul Deng. Guys like Battier, Boozer, Jay Williams, Mike Dunleavy, Ewing, Redick, Shelden, Paulus, McRoberts etc have all stayed for most of their college careers.

u forgot Maggette..he was a 1 and done...Avery came out early too

its a fine line i think...cuz look at Carmelo, Cuse knew he was a one and done...
i think it helps both, because just because they are forced to go to NCAA doesn't mean they will all be 1 and done..and i think some actually planned on goin to college before the age im excited as hell to see Ohio State next year and i think so is everyone else
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