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Default Artest or Bibby?

Both of these players have been rumoured to be possible new players for the Heat. My question to you Heat fans is this ; Which player would you rather have? Both your PG and SF spots are in need of upgrading.

For Bibby, as a Kings fan I would ask for Jason Williams, Doleac, Wright and the 20th. If I could exclude Williams I would but obviously that can't happen since salaries have to match.


For Artest I would include Salmons in the deal and ask for Williams, Doleac, Wirhgt, Simien and the 20th. Alot to be asking but despite what people say about Ron Ron, he would not explode in Miami. I'm probably asking for too much. But Artest and Salmons would put you right back up there in contention again since you don't use Doleac, Wright (very little) and Simien. The only problem would be a gaping hole at the PG spot.
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