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Default insight and comparison

Originally Posted by koichiii
That's great ! I'm very happy for Gelabale.

I am a French guy and i live in Cholet (he made his pro debut with Cholet Basket). Gelabale is for real. He was very talented and everybody knew he would end in the NBA. He improved his game year by year : not very strong but very athletic, can really dunk, nice shot and a good defender.

He might not play a lot behind Ray Allen, but he will provide a lot off the bench.

And funny thing if you didn't know it. About his family name Gelabale : we pronounce it like "j'ai la balle" and it means "i have the ball". He was born for this sport :)

thanks for the insight koichiii---- in your opinion, who in the nba right now is he most like?
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