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Originally Posted by The Italian
The Raptors aren't one of the best teams but come on they are definetly not the worst. The Raptors are better than New York, Philly, Atlanta, Charlette and Portland just to name a few. Maybe Salmons thought that he would get more playing time with the Raps.

um id have to disagree with u that u guys are better than us(philly), cuz u aren't. but i will admit, u guys are a team on the rise, and that ford was a great pickup. Bargnani isnt gonna come in and average 15, but he will be good. Nesterovic is a servicable center, but nothing more, but any1 is an improvement to araujo and sow. And idk anything about parker but i heard hes pretty good and nba ready, plus u got salmons from us(i didnt want him anyways), he has potential but hasnt been close to meeting it, he plays good 1 game then bad in the next 4. So yeah, u guys are getting better but ur not better than us.
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