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We dont hunt crocodiles...In fact i've lived here all my life and have never seen one....and while were on the topic we dont ride kangaroos to school either!

He wasnt with anyone, just shooting free throws from what i saw, but he was there when we arrived so he might have been there for a while with a trainer ..... We all just said hi and that we thought he did well last season...I think if we werent all so intimidated by him and asked him a few questions he might have stayed a while...It would have been awesome to shoot some jumpers with him, but we all just froze and he said "I'll let you get back yo your game"

I wish i could have that time over again.

You try and tell yourself that hes just another person....but when you see this guy whos on T.Y all the time playing with the best nasketballers in the cajnt help nut be starstruck
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