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Default Re: Artest or Bibby?

Originally Posted by Latina Heat
If we could get one of them I'd definitely take Artest. I think we have enough PG's to be honest. They may not be the best but they're at least enough to win. SF has always been the dark spot for us in my opinion

When you start saying "at least enough to win" that is not a good sign for any team. To be an elite team again, well Miami still kind'a is I guess but they have dropped off somewhat you have to consider them at least a threat in the east, but anyways to get back up there you have to have a good PG. Spurs have TP, Detroit (had) Billups. Jazz have Deron williams, etc. I understand why the heat would rather have Artest since he is only what, 26 27? Bibby is only 29 but yes a liability on defense. Honestly though I don't know how having Mr. Insane Ron Artest is good for dwayne wade as a person in the locker room and off the court...maybe even on the court, Ron ron does want the ball.
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