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Originally Posted by sixerfan3511
um id have to disagree with u that u guys are better than us(philly), cuz u aren't. but i will admit, u guys are a team on the rise, and that ford was a great pickup. Bargnani isnt gonna come in and average 15, but he will be good. Nesterovic is a servicable center, but nothing more, but any1 is an improvement to araujo and sow. And idk anything about parker but i heard hes pretty good and nba ready, plus u got salmons from us(i didnt want him anyways), he has potential but hasnt been close to meeting it, he plays good 1 game then bad in the next 4. So yeah, u guys are getting better but ur not better than us.

I agree that Philly has a better team based on last years results and i think any team with AI will always make the playoffs. based on the teams outlooks for the future Toronto has a lot of potential and philly is a sinking ship. By the end of last season we were playing just under .500 ball, around what philly was playing. Webber is fading quikly, Dalembert has a terrible contract and last year didn't show any value for it. AI might be gone, but i gotta love Igoudala (who should be a raptor if Babcock wasn't such an idiot).
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