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I really do appreciate someone actually putting some thought into the discussion and playing devils advocate, even if i disagree completely. It's nice having discussion instead of a lot of "THIS IS STUPID!" "THIS IS SWEET!"

So here is my response to the prior statements. First off, JET is not a true point guard, he is an undersized shooting guard. He's a good enough ball handler but he doesn't have the vision or the pass first attitude of a PG. If you also look at what he did in the playoffs you have to look at where all his shots came from. The majority came from him moving along the baseline without the ball when him and devin were running together or from him just coming off a screen on a wing. Also notice, he never comes down and "runs" an offense. He comes down, passes to a wing, then tries to get open for shots. JET brought the ball across half court, but in all reality, he wasn't playing point guard. Antoine walker served more as point guard when he was playing "point forward" under nellie, than JET did last year. A point guard should be a distributer first, shooter second. After moving to Mini, Marcus Banks avg'd more assists in less minutes than Terry did all of last year.

In response to holding back Harris, a move like this would of course be done with the intention of making Harris permenant starter and marcus being his backup (although I'd feel like with Harris starter it would take a bit to get down to Banks with all of the guards we currently have, figure terry would probably take over pt before Banks came in.) So I see this in no way hindering Harris, I mean he's gotta come out of the game sometime.

Finally, does anyone remember what Darrel Armstrong meant to us in the playoffs 2 years ago. He came in and lit a fire under the mavs in the Houston series, and we can't expect someone his age to be able to do that again, moving him to a coach and getting a new 2nd/3rd string PG could be something that comes up huge in the future, just like DA was in houston. Wouldn't it have been nice to have someone who could have filled in for Devin in the Miami series? The man can't be on all the time.

Sorry, I'm long winded.

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