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Default Kidd is better

Originally Posted by Bulls_Fan20
The only thing that Kidd does better than Billups is rebound, but that's because he has to. They have no big men, and never really have while Kidd has been there. Billups never had to worry about that, with the Wallaces, Prince, and McDyess. Billups scores more, has a better shot, and can play defense just as well, if not better than Kidd. They both dish out the dimes (8.6 for Billups and 8.4 for Kidd last year). I'm not going to say that Kidd isn't a great player, because he is, but right now Chauncey is the better point guard.

First of all, Kidd rebounds a lot because that way its easier to lead the break..not because his teammates cant do it. The only thing that Billups has over Kidd is his shot. Kidd is better in every other aspect of the game, ESPECIALLY defense. So Kidd = better pure pg.
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