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Originally Posted by Heretik32
50 to 55, I'd say, depending on how everything works out with the rookies and sophomores and how good health holds up. Playoffs!

Fo shizzle, dude. I think anything less than the playoffs would be a disappointment.

As for my guess.... 50 wins is a tough number to reach, but the Jazz can do it. Here's how I predict the top 8 (the playoff teams) in the west will finish...

Dallas (They kept all their core pieces and should finish with most wins.)
Phoenix (Amare will be healthy & Piatowski gives them even MORE 3's.)
San Antonio (They drop a step with age, but beat you with smarts anyway.)
LA Clippers (Adding Tim Thomas and keeping core players makes 'em better.)
JAZZ!! (D-Will breaks out and health reigns all season long!)
Memphis (Rudy Gay needs to play right away.)
Denver (Could go higher if they land a decent 2 guard.)
New Orleans/Oklahoma (Peja will shoot them into the playoffs.)

Miss the cuts...
Sacramento (I predict they lose Bonzi and sink a bit.)
LA Lakers (hahahaha)
Golden State (have some nice young talent, but a few years away.)
Houston (Another year of injuries. another year of disappointment.)
Minnesota (Foye could get ROY but they still don't have enough firepower.)
Seattle (Are they going ANYWHERE?)
Portland (Just changed the face of their team. Need time for chemistry.)
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