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Default Aaron Brooks Highlights

I put together a quick Brooks Highlight video for those of you that havent seen him. Obviously Youtube kills the quality but its better then nothing. A few things to look for.

He can shoot from DEEP. Open or with a guy on him.

He can break down a defender.

No one can stay in front of him 1 on 1. He is FAST.
With the NBA Hand checking rule how are teams going to guard him? He will break them down draw defenders and kick to Yao or Tmac for open shots. Those guys should love him. He is also a 1 man press break.

He can finish down low even with 7 footers on him. He shoots over several 7 footers in the highlights.

He has good hops, long arms and is good at controlling the ball with either hand and finishing with either hand.

One of the announcers said that when Oregon played Florida in the Elite 8 that he was the best player on the floor. Thats saying something considering where the Florida guys were drafted.

Anyhow, its a novice video but better then nothing.

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