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Default Re: WHAT does KG bring to each team...?

your team would be best off because they would still have the talent to play steve nash bball. figure you lose amare and a pick or something like that and what you get is a better defender, better rebounder at both ends, better passer, better shooter from range, similar finisher on the break second leader and most importantly a defensive leader which the suns haven't had since... um... majerle?

the celts probably have to package al, theo, and couple salary pieces. they get back the same thing minus the need for a running finisher. they get a second player capable of drawing doubles for ray.

the bulls need to pull a noci sign and trade along with one of their young bigs, gordon, and maybe pj / wallace. they're biggest gain is a genuine post scorer, but again he brings the post passing and rebounding for them as well. i don't think pax is looking to give up on dang or kirk.

the lakers would have to give two pieces of their starting front court and probably do it in a three team deal. they'd get a dominant rebounder / high post facilitator and defender to work the grant / rodman / AND some of the pippen role in the triangle. they gain a top notch talent who won't resent being second banana to kobe, who will bring the effort every night and be a second voice demanding role player accountability in the locker room.

dallas would need to part with jho, harris, and maybe damp as the main pieces. they get kind of the same thing as the bulls / celts do. a post presence to get their shooters open and crash the boards and lead on defense.
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