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Default Re: The Atlantic...The Winners...The Losers...Who has it?

Yes; they should be better than everyone besides Detroit, barring a large signing.
Nope. I'm a huge Celtics fan, but this isn't happening.

If you read my post, I explained how Pierce missed over 35 games, and a stretch where he missed 24 straight (where the Celtics went 2-22). Half the season they were being led in scoring by Ryan Gomes, who's now the 6th best player on the team.
And the year before that, at full capacity, they didn't make the playoffs. They've added some, but not enough to catapult them to 50+ game winners. No way. Take off the gleen glasses.

He won't shoot the ball, but he makes great decisions, has incredible speed (40 time may be top 3 in the league)
Unfortunately, with the players the Celtics have, his speed means...not that much. They'll run a half court set which Rondo is ill-equipped for because you need a guy who can shoot the rock.

No, they were a playoff team last year, before the team imploded.
How many games had they played before Pierce was hurt? They weren't a better team than Toronto last year even with everyone healthy.

Plus you don't take into account that the bench is thin, ridiculously so at the 1 and 5, and that they'll need to score 110 every night because their opponents will score 100+ no problem on that defense, that this was not exactly Allen's first major reconstructive surgery, well... they aren't winning 50+ games.

Oh yes, and I am a Celtic fan. Not a *****.
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