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Default Re: The Atlantic...The Winners...The Losers...Who has it?

Yes; they should be better than everyone besides Detroit, barring a large signing.

Why not Detroit? They lost to Cleveland in 6, lost their confidence and may lose Billups, Saunders, among others.

If you read my post, I explained how Pierce missed over 35 games, and a stretch where he missed 24 straight (where the Celtics went 2-22). Half the season they were being led in scoring by Ryan Gomes, who's now the 6th best player on the team.

That's my point. Their going to be even more reliant on 3 players than last year. Better hope Pierce, Tony and Ray Allen make full recoveries.

Then it would hurt them, and wouldn't be a top 5 seed obviously What would happen to the Nets if Kidd went down? THEN WHAT?

Then the Nets would being hurting.. but I'm specifically comparing the C's to the Knicks who lost all the players I listed earlier but because of their superior depth, still finished with a better record than the C's. And given the Celtics history of bad luck (Bias, R.Lewis, Duncan Lotto, last season, etc..) and players with injuries, I can see them having another bust of a season.

Rondo production wasn't inconsistent, but his minutes were last year. If you ever watched the Celtics last year, you could tell he was the guy the Celtics were going to keep based solely on his potential. He won't shoot the ball, but he makes great decisions, has incredible speed (40 time may be top 3 in the league)

He's also very young and is backed-up by another young player who the team wishes they never acquired in Telfair. I think it will be hard for this team win w/o a competent veteran PG.

Center? Theo is being rumored as trade bait, but it's possible he could really strengthen the middle if he comes back healthy as well.

Another injured player I forgot about.. he's also ancient.

No, they were a playoff team last year, before the team imploded. Now with the emergence of Al Jefferson, Tony Allen coming back healthy, Pierce coming back healthy, and Ray coming into form, makes them the Atlanta favorite.

When were they a playoff team? When they were 4-6? They were never even .500 once last season after starting 0-3.
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