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Default Re: The Atlantic...The Winners...The Losers...Who has it?

Originally Posted by SuperboyXX0018
The Knicks will be better than the celtics, and it's a toss up between the nets and the Knicks for second behind the Raptors.
Knicks are better than the Nets and Celts... Every Year!

Nope. I'm a huge Celtics fan, but this isn't happening.

How quickly "huge fans" forget. Did you see the 2003 season?

This lineup:

PG-Kenny Anderson
SG-Paul Pierce
SF-Eric Williams
PF-Antoine Walker
C-Tony Battie
6. Walter Mccarty
7. Vitaly Potapenko
8. Kedrick Brown

Was the second best record in the Eastern conference and they went to the ECF. Are you going to argue that this years line-up has less talent then 2002? You completely under-estimate Paul Pierce, but that's cool.

And the year before that, at full capacity, they didn't make the playoffs. They've added some, but not enough to catapult them to 50+ game winners. No way. Take off the gleen glasses.

Did you watch the year before that? Gerald Green was a rookie,Al Jefferson was injured the entire season. And we just lost GP and Antoine Walker. Not too mention Tony Allen...

That team played .500+ ball for the first half of the season until we made a groundbreaking trade getting rid of our second best player (RD), Mark Blount, Marcus Banks, and Justin Reed for two scrubs (Kandi and Wally). This deadline deal caused the team to collapse after the deadline. I hardly call that "full strength"

He's also very young and is backed-up by another young player who the team wishes they never acquired in Telfair. I think it will be hard for this team win w/o a competent veteran PG.

Brevin Knight looks like he will be signed, fyi.

Unfortunately, with the players the Celtics have, his speed means...not that much. They'll run a half court set which Rondo is ill-equipped for because you need a guy who can shoot the rock.

Why would the suddenly become a "half court" team? Jesus, have you ever watched Rondo when he is on the court? He f*cking forces the team to run. He's also a legit pg, in other words, pass-first. He doesn't need to shoot with 4 other guys on the court that will be able to finish with ease (including the best shooter in the league). You make zero sense when you say this team will run half-court sets...

Another injured player I forgot about.. he's also ancient.

Thirty-four is the new "ancient"

How many games had they played before Pierce was hurt? They weren't a better team than Toronto last year even with everyone healthy.

Actually, they were at the time. If you look at the time Pierce was injured, the Celts were at .500 and leading the division (I believe the record was like 12-12ish at the time). And That was before the emergence of Al Jefferson (Doc sucks at seeing talent)

Plus you don't take into account that the bench is thin, ridiculously so at the 1 and 5, and that they'll need to score 110 every night because their opponents will score 100+ no problem on that defense, that this was not exactly Allen's first major reconstructive surgery, well... they aren't winning 50+ games.

Their bench is young, not so "thin". Perk, Allen, Green, Powe, Gomes, baby Shaq, and soon to be Knight. All of them will continue to improve with experience, and there's no telling how Allen will bounce back from his surgery.

Basically, if healthy, they are winning 50+... easily. It's the f*cking East.

Oh yes, and I am a Celtic fan. Not a *****.

Actually, no you sound like the rest of the Celtic homers. By homers, I mean by being against the Ray Allen trade. Some idiot thought Delonte West was going to be better than Ray Allen, and Wally Szczerbiak was the second coming of Rick Barry.

I actually separated myself from the generic fanbase because I loved this trade. Most homers thought we should have traded Pierce for garbage and drafted Jeff Green . Instead, the Celtics are now the Atlantic favorite, and will continue to push themselves to be serious contenders.
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