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Default Re: The Atlantic...The Winners...The Losers...Who has it?

How quickly "huge fans" forget. Did you see the 2003 season?
Don't f*cking patronize me, please.

Was the second best record in the Eastern conference and they went to the ECF. Are you going to argue that this years line-up has less talent then 2002?
A couple of things. First of all, this isn't 2002. Secondly, that team was actually, you know, well coached, played defense, and had gritty, clutch roleplayers.

You completely under-estimate Paul Pierce, but that's cool.
You conveniently haven't read threads where I've talked about how awesome Pierce is and how he damn near singlehandedly made it to he Finals and dragged that atrocious '03-'04 team in the playoffs, but hey, that's cool.

That team played .500+ ball for the first half of the season until we made a groundbreaking trade getting rid of our second best player (RD), Mark Blount, Marcus Banks, and Justin Reed for two scrubs (Kandi and Wally). This deadline deal caused the team to collapse after the deadline. I hardly call that "full strength"
Right. They were a .500 team. Also, that year, Wally was not a scrub.


Why would the suddenly become a "half court" team?
Are you for real?

You actually bought into the fact that just because Rivers and Ainge say they want a running team that they actually are? For real? They're not a fastbreak team and haven't been for years. And they won't be this year. One player can't form an effective running offense when the four others are better suited to a halfcourt.

Jesus, have you ever watched Rondo when he is on the court? He f*cking forces the team to run. He's also a legit pg, in other words, pass-first.
I'm not willing to debate with you if you keep treating me like an infant. You have a penchant for being extremely patronizing and codescending towards those who disagree with you. As for Rondo, yeah, he is a legit pg. Unfortunately, it is hard to create when the other team is daring you to shoot 15 footers all day.

He doesn't need to shoot with 4 other guys on the court that will be able to finish with ease (including the best shooter in the league). You make zero sense when you say this team will run half-court sets...

You simply cannot be serious. This team is not a fastbreak team and has not been for years, as I said. The teams three best players are all HALF COURT players. There is absolutely no way. Take off the green glasses, pal, it will do you good.

Seriously, I am not arguing with somebody who actually believes that the roster the Celtics have right now is conducive to being a running team. Wake up.
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