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Default Re: The Atlantic...The Winners...The Losers...Who has it?

Originally Posted by johndeeregreen
Don't f*cking patronize me, please.

A couple of things. First of all, this isn't 2002. Secondly, that team was actually, you know, well coached, played defense, and had gritty, clutch roleplayers.

Jimmy was an average coach who couldn't make it in the NBA after he left the Celtics (wait, didn't he get another job somewhere?). And regardless, look at the team, just look at it. None of those players Pierce had were legit lock-down defenders, or even great shotblockers (Battie was the team leader). Walker jacked up as many 3s whenever possible at a Jermaine O'Neal-esque percentage, and they still managed to be 50 game winners.

You conveniently haven't read threads where I've talked about how awesome Pierce is and how he damn near singlehandedly made it to he Finals and dragged that atrocious '03-'04 team in the playoffs, but hey, that's cool.
I never said you disrespect him, I'm saying you're underestimating his factor on this ball-club. He has a lot more talent to work with this year than he has his entire career. I have faith that he'll make it work, you don't seem to think he can. That's cool, though.

Right. They were a .500 team. Also, that year, Wally was not a scrub.

They were above .500 until Wally got there, then they immediately collapsed (Lost 9 straight immediately after the trade to lose their playoff spot, and never looked back after).

Are you for real?

You can't talk about talking "condescending" towards someone and then keep saying the crap like "am I for real" and "green goggle wearer".

You actually bought into the fact that just because Rivers and Ainge say they want a running team that they actually are? For real? They're not a fastbreak team and haven't been for years. And they won't be this year. One player can't form an effective running offense when the four others are better suited to a halfcourt.

I buy that's what Ainge was trying to build, Doc is just incompetent on how to run proper fast breaks. Regardless, you missed my point. Whenever I see Rondo on the floor, he pushes the pace. You'll see an outlet and he's running his f*cking ass down the floor and he rewards guys that ran with him with open looks. That's one reason why I bought Rondo's game so well last year. Who unlike Telfair and even Delonte, actually didn't seem to listen to Doc's scheme (Could have resulted in his long benching).

I'm not willing to debate with you if you keep treating me like an infant. You have a penchant for being extremely patronizing and codescending towards those who disagree with you.

I don't see why you're taking it like that. I'm just talking basketball, I haven't once attacked you, but then you go start insinuating that I must be a homer if I buy into two superstars and a legit bigman being a contender (I'm sorry?).

As for Rondo, yeah, he is a legit pg. Unfortunately, it is hard to create when the other team is daring you to shoot 15 footers all day.

Yeah, he shouldn't need to worry about that if they are in a running game 65% of the game.

You simply cannot be serious. This team is not a fastbreak team and has not been for years, as I said. The teams three best players are all HALF COURT players. There is absolutely no way. Take off the green glasses, pal, it will do you good.

What is a "half court" player? Ray Allen fits into any fast break perfectly (Don't think Phoenix would LOVE him instead of James Jones?), Paul Pierce has outwardly expressed his willingness to join in a running game. And being such a dominant slasher, should fit in well cutting and slashing. And Jefferson, yeah , he does have a good slowdown game. However, his quickness enables him to be a powerful finisher on a fast break as well. His nose around the rim is a great for frequent drop-down passes from Rondo when his two wings aren't open.

I honestly don't buy the concept of "half court players" unless we are talking about players like Shaq, Eddy Curry, and the rest of the out of shape players in the NBA.

Seriously, I am not arguing with somebody who actually believes that the roster the Celtics have right now is conducive to being a running team. Wake up.

I'm awake, I watched the team while Rondo was on the court. They run.

Don't want to argue with me? Then don't, debate it.
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