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Default Report: Lewis Agrees To Sign With Magic

Report: Lewis Agrees To Sign With Magic
July 2, 2007 - 11:39 pm
WKMG Channel 6 -
Orlando television station WKMG Local 6 is reporting that Rashard Lewis has agreed to sign with the Orlando Magic on July 11.

The deal is reported for 5 years and $75 million.

Sports anchor David Pingalore also reported the Magic will allow restricted free agent forward Darko Milicic to become an unrestricted free agent. [READ]

If this is true, this is about as dumb of a move as we could possibly make. 15 million a #### season for Rashard Lewis and giving up Darko for nothing? Otis Smith. I love you. I love almost all of the moves you've made. But if this rumor is true, you have turned out to be a complete waste and have set the franchise back 5 years, at least. Our front line is thin enough as it is, and you would have to be the genius of all geniuses to be able to get a replacement for Darko that's going to be as good or better than he is now, nevermind his actual potential. If you think Rashard is going to fill in at PF and be anything other than crap, I can't wait for the team to fail so that you'll be shipped out.

This is absolute crap, if true. How insanely moronic. Tony Battie sucks. I'm about to have a stroke.

This pretty much spells the end of Grant Hill. Now, we're going to lose Hill AND Darko and bring in Rashard? Talent wise, we definitely just declined.

There are only a few ways this team will be better than we were last year. And that's sad, considering... but... one is if Dwight Howard explodes. I wouldn't count on it. Probably more minor improvement, but nothing major. And if Van Gundy makes a huge difference, we might be better.

But I can tell you right now, we're going to be kicking ourselves for letting Darko walk and giving Rashard Lewis $15 million a #### year. Both of those decisions are terrible.
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