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Default Re: Report: Lewis Agrees To Sign With Magic

Originally Posted by Orlando Magic
Here's what I'm hoping.

Otis Smith is very, very good at bluffing.

So deep down I've got to just pray that he's putting this out there so that Seattle panics and asks for at the very least a future pick and expiring contracts. This way, the Magic will be able to get Lewis via S&T (because the capspace they have to go along with an expiriing contract or two will be able to get it done) and not have to just sign him outright. Which means what? Means they don't have to let Darko go unrestricted like they say they will. Means we can have both.

Now, do I think this is the case? No. But it would be the smart way to go about things.

Who could Orlando offer in a sign and trade? Turk & Battie. I'm sure Seattle would rather get nothing than those two.
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