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Default Re: The Atlantic...The Winners...The Losers...Who has it?

Jimmy was an average coach who couldn't make it in the NBA after he left the Celtics (wait, didn't he get another job somewhere?). And regardless, look at the team, just look at it. None of those players Pierce had were legit lock-down defenders, or even great shotblockers (Battie was the team leader).
The big thing about O'Brien is that he (well, technically, Harter, who basically follows O'Bie wherever he goes) taught defense. The team wasn't full of shutdown defenders or shotblockers, no, but they all were prepared to clamp down every single night and played very, very good team defense. The offensive scheme was nonexistent, yes, but you're underestimating the passing, rebounding, and, most importantly, leadership Walker brought to the team in the C's first stay. Did that team overachieve? Absolutely. It's a testament to how good Pierce and Walker were together. Is it possible to happen again? Yes, but I just don't think so. Not this year.

They were above .500 until Wally got there, then they immediately collapsed (Lost 9 straight immediately after the trade to lose their playoff spot, and never looked back after).
Fact remains Wally didn't play like a scrub in Boston when he was healthy, which was extremely rare, granted.

You can't talk about talking "condescending" towards someone and then keep saying the crap like "am I for real" and "green goggle wearer".
Sorry, I tend to get testy when I get treated like a little kid who has never watched the Boston Celtics play before.

I buy that's what Ainge was trying to build, Doc is just incompetent on how to run proper fast breaks.
Agreed, and that's why - as I said - for the last few years, the offense has revolved mainly around West dribbling the ball up the court, handing off to Perkins, who passes to Pierce and then everybody gets out of the way. The Boston Celtics have not been a running team and haven't been for years. I think this is actually where you miss my point.

I don't see why you're taking it like that. I'm just talking basketball, I haven't once attacked you, but then you go start insinuating that I must be a homer if I buy into two superstars and a legit bigman being a contender (I'm sorry?).
Attacked me? No, but you have treated me like an infant who doesn't have a clue.

Also, you still haven't addressed the horrendous bench situation at the 1 and 5 (and Ratliff won't play significant minutes this year, take that to the bank) and the atrocious defense. As I said, this team will need to score 110 every night because they'll give up 100 no sweat. Still waiting for an answer to that one.

What is a "half court" player? Ray Allen fits into any fast break perfectly (Don't think Phoenix would LOVE him instead of James Jones?), Paul Pierce has outwardly expressed his willingness to join in a running game. And being such a dominant slasher, should fit in well cutting and slashing. And Jefferson, yeah , he does have a good slowdown game. However, his quickness enables him to be a powerful finisher on a fast break as well. His nose around the rim is a great for frequent drop-down passes from Rondo when his two wings aren't open.
Pierce just isn't a running player and hasn't run since thirty pounds ago. I don't know how else to say it. He's extremely effective in the halfcourt and I don't see why they would change that. The three best players - Pierce, Jefferson, and Allen - have been halfcourt players for the majority of their careers. They'll have the occasional fastbreak, yeah, but if you're expecting Phoenix Suns lite you're going to be sorely mistaken.

Look, if you want to believe Ainge and Rivers in that they want to institute a running game, fine. They've been saying it for years and it is yet to happen. Four of the five players on the floor are better suited to a halfcourt game at any given time.

EDIT: I don't really know why we're getting hung up on the semantics of a fast break offense when the fifty times more important question is how the Celtics are going to stop anyone from scoring 100+ points night in and night out?

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