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Default Re: Official #12 NBA Player Of All Time According To ISH

Originally Posted by lakers_forever
Dr.J was considered by fans in the late 70's the second best player behind Jabbar.

He is the idol of guys like Magic and Michael. He brought the game to another level and was much more important to the history of Basketball than a guy like Moses.

That's probably the best reason (his influence) I see for one to vote for Erving at this point. I just don't think that weights heavily enough to top a player who was clearly better than him in the same era.


Originally Posted by The Answer
Nice post. I like how you thoroughly explain everything. Pettit is being underrated. I'd seriously consider voting for him too, but I have to stick with Mikan.


I didn't even go negative with Mikan because I think he's right up there. I've said I think he dominated his era more than any basketball player ever. I agree with what you said in you earlier post about him. I did seriously consider voting for Mikan before Pettit, but barely didn't.
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