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Default Re: Official #12 NBA Player Of All Time According To ISH

Originally Posted by D-Fence

Julius Erving's best years were in the ABA. This list is called the 100 greatest NBA players of all time. And, the ABA was an inferior league. Erving pulled down huge rebounding numbers in the ABA (12.1 per game over 5 seasons); in the NBA, he averaged a more modest 6.7 boards per game over 11 seasons. Erving shot a .322 3-pt percentage with the lightweight ABA ball and .261 in the NBA. The ABA was generally poorer defensively, which is how Erving, otherwise generally considered a weak man-to-man defender, was awarded once for defense.
Damn, I sould have been more clear, the ABA years of greats like Dr. J, Gervin, Moses, Barry should be included with this list. The ABA is very much part of NBA's history.

When people talk about Docs career, his ABA career is always mentioned, so I think it should be on this list andnother list alike. While the ABA in the 70's was a completely different league then the NBA, when it got bought out by the NBA, the NBA didn't act like the ABA didn't exist, it embraced it, even taking the three point line and slam dunk contest. It's sort of like when WWE bought the WCW and ECW, they didn't act like it never existed?

So don't punish guys like Dr. J who had their best years in another league.
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