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Default Re: Official #12 NBA Player Of All Time According To ISH

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
Damn, I sould have been more clear, the ABA years of greats like Dr. J, Gervin, Moses, Barry should be included with this list. The ABA is very much part of NBA's history.

When people talk about Docs career, his ABA career is always mentioned, so I think it should be on this list andnother list alike. While the ABA in the 70's was a completely different league then the NBA, when it got bought out by the NBA, the NBA didn't act like the ABA didn't exist, it embraced it, even taking the three point line and slam dunk contest. It's sort of like when WWE bought the WCW and ECW, they didn't act like it never existed?

So don't punish guys like Dr. J who had their best years in another league.

The NBA game was based very much so on college basketball. College basketball was the model for NBA, or BAA (Basketball Association of America) as it was originally called, originally. Should a player's college career count here?

Does the NBL (National Basketball League) count? The BAA absorbed many of the teams from that league (including the Lakers), which, frankly, had better players than the BAA. When the NBL collapse, the BAA became the NBA. How about other early pro leagues?

The Harlem Globetrotters, the Euro leagues, CBA, Developmental League, etc. have had close links to the NBA and have been mutually influenced by each other, so does a player's career in those leagues count?

Where's the line? And, if we count the ABA, does that mean that a guy like Mel Daniels, who averaged 11.5 MPG in his 11-game NBA career should make a list called "The 100 Greatest NBA Players of All Time" because he had a great ABA career. How about players who had great ABA careers but no NBA career--should they be potentially listed?

The ABA was always a seperate league--a league at odds with the NBA, actually. Of course the NBA doesn't pretend it didn't exist, just as they don't pretend the NBL didn't exist. They often talk about college careers in their profiles of NBA players.

So, I don't think ABA careers should count. If it were a list of the greatest professional basketball players of all time then it could easily include the ABA and the early pro leagues and then exlude college, etc., but that's not what's advertised.

It's sort of like when WWE bought the WCW and ECW, they didn't act like it never existed?

I have no idea what you're talking about there. I don't watch, nor follow, that kind of stuff.
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