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Default Re: Philly is Attempting to get Yi Jianlian

Originally Posted by Put Back Dunk
Does Philly have a large asian population?

They weren't listed on the 'preferred teams' list, which I believe was Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and Golden State.

I don't see a link to where the original quote came from but I'm guessing it's just a beat writer throwing out the possibility. "The Sixers could try to deal for Chinese power forward Yi Jianlian," that doesn't sound like 'Philly IS attempting to get Yi Jianlian' IMO.

Yi and his peoples allowed the Sixers to watch him workout. The only teams who did were the teams they said they would allow Yi to play for. So no its not just some beat writer throwing out jargon. Sixes have attempted to move up numerous times with the focus on landing Yi who has given them all go aheads because he would sign there if drafted. The issue is if Milw is still entertaining trades from other teams...which it appears they are not. The back in the hunt is created by people who put 2 and 2 together. No lock, no gurantee but if Milw decides to move Yi? Philly is a destination.
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