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Default Re: One way to improve NBA and NCAA simultaneously

Originally Posted by Walton_04
If anyone has noticed, the quality of NCAA play has declined since the rookie salary cap was instated in the NBA ( thanks to Glen Robinson).

The last decade, so many players have entered the draft straight from H.S., or freshman year in college, leaving the NCAA thin when it comes to talent.

What if the NBA were to offer a progressive salary cap, where a college senior entering the draft would get a maximum rookie salary, and step it down for Juniors, sophmores, and freshman getting less. Combine that with their draft order.

Wouldn't it be great to see 4 Florida-like teams battle it out for the NCAA title?
And wouldn't it have been nice to see Ohio State come back with Conley and Oden give it another shot.

Wouldn't Oden love to have the option to double his money if he left his Junior year? How about OJ Mayo stay at least 3 yrs with SC knowing his earnings would escalate each year he stayed?

It's all wishful thinking, I know!

Wishful thinking .... money is money / end thread
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