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Default Re: One way to improve NBA and NCAA simultaneously

Originally Posted by konex
If other professions did something like this, there would be mass outrage. If you have the talent, you deserve to get paid whatever you can get!

Stop the communist style thinking in sports!

Not to mention the fact that the older you are, the less you're worth as an athlete (generally)...

The corporate world does it!
A teacher who's been teaching 10yrs gets more money than a new teacher, even if the new teacher is a better one.

There are so many jobs out there that say offer Salary DOE

I take it you believe there's nothing wrong with the Kwame Browns and the High School Busts of the world?

For every Moses Malone and Kobe Bryant, there are many many more players who are just the opposite.

Personally, I'd rather see more Tim Duncans and Grant Hill's in the NBA: seasoned college players who master the fundamentals of basketballs, have experience, and can offer teams more than just a slam dunk, a crossover, or pure athleticism without basketball experience.

You really don't believe Andrew Bynum would've been a much better player had he played 2 years of college? How about Kwame proving himself a couple of years before being taken #1?

How did the 80's get to be so high quality? Do you really belive Michael would've been the player he became without his college years?

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