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Default Re: Philly is Attempting to get Yi Jianlian

Originally Posted by Mad Max
Wow what about PRIVATE WORKOUTS dont you get?

Yeah every team had Yi work out for them. Talk about pure speculation or is that considered talkin out your ass? I'll be nice and let you decide.

I'm not doubting that Yi wouldn't mind playing for Philly (I asked in my first post about the asian population because I wasn't sure) OR that Philly MIGHT try to get him.

My point is that at the moment this is hardly "Philly is attempting to get Yi". There's a handful of teams that are in the same boat, but there's no 'news' on them "attempting to get Yi".

Like I said, this isn't even a 'rumor' at this point with a writer saying 'a league source said the Sixers are trying to acquire Yi from Milwaukee'. It's just some guy (where's this quote from again?) saying that "The Sixers could try to deal for Chinese power forward Yi Jianlian."

It's an idea. Not news, not even a rumor, an idea from whoever wrote that original quote.
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