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Default Re: One way to improve NBA and NCAA simultaneously

The corporate world does it!
A teacher who's been teaching 10yrs gets more money than a new teacher, even if the new teacher is a better one.

There are so many jobs out there that say offer Salary DOE

You can't compare experience in education to sports where physical ability and skill are more inportant than how long you've played.

Advocating for limits on how long adults have to wait to pursue their career (with the best compensation) for your own entertainment is pretty selfish and short-sighted.

Yeah, Kwame and others were busts but I don't blame them. I blame the idiot GMs who picked them high...

You really don't believe Andrew Bynum would've been a much better player had he played 2 years of college? How about Kwame proving himself a couple of years before being taken #1?

How did the 80's get to be so high quality? Do you really belive Michael would've been the player he became without his college years?

That may be true but you and everyone else would have taken the money and ran too. You can't live in a capitalistic society but pick and choose where to use capitalism...

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