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Default Re: Somebody gave Vareajo a big offer

Originally Posted by Mathius
If you look at the situation, look hard at the numbers, it didn't really make sense. It was just optimism on the part of the Cleveland crowd again.

I mean first off, you don't offer that kind of money to your third choice. It's common knowledge we were after Joe Johnson before Hughes, and weren't we after Redd? Or Allen? I forget which.

Second off, the guy never played a full 82 game season and is a career 40% shooter.

Stupid signing.


I think we both agree that Ferry is an idiot. It was a desperate signing to "show" LeBron that they were serious about winning. However, I don't think anyone expected Hughes to suck this much. Granted, his 20 PPG in Wash. were pretty empty and his defense has always been overrated. Were you expecting him to be this much of a disappointment, because I sure can say that I wasn't.

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