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Default Re: Somebody gave Vareajo a big offer

Originally Posted by mlh1981
I think we both agree that Ferry is an idiot. It was a desperate signing to "show" LeBron that they were serious about winning. However, I don't think anyone expected Hughes to suck this much. Granted, his 20 PPG in Wash. were pretty empty and his defense has always been overrated. Were you expecting him to be this much of a disappointment, because I sure can say that I wasn't.

I have to say I wasn't expecting such a low basketball IQ. Not so much with his defense, but with his offense. I KNEW his percentage was extremely low but I never could figure out why because I never really saw him play in Washington or Philly, or G.S.

I figured it out almost immediately after he joined the Cavs. He has the worst shot selection of any starting shooting guard in the league I think. And he isn't afraid to shoot. Bad combination. If he drove to the hoop more, he'd be a much better player.

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