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Default Re: Who do you think will win the KG sweepstakes?

About the whole 'KG doesn't want to play in Boston' thing....

His agent said that after they weren't told about trade talks between the two teams and then a day or two later there was an espn article that said KG would 'OK' a trade to Boston if one with Phoenix couldn't be worked out. The Ray Allen acquisition should help turn his original opinion around too.

BUT, Danny Ainge has apparently made a decision to keep Jefferson (and Rondo, possibly Green too) and try to make a few lesser deals to put the team in a position to win now and still have a future when that 3-5 year window is up. So I wouldn't bank on KG coming to Boston unless McHale is REALLY high on Gerald Green.

The Suns aren't willing to give up Amare for KG, and Marion wouldn't make much sense for Minny so unless they get a third team involved with a lot of young pieces that wants Marion I don't think KG to the Suns is happening.

Golden State seems like they have enough young pieces and salary to make it work, but their salaries to match aren't expires so a third team would be need there too.
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