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Default Re: KG or Dirk: Softer ex-MVP's

How many other forwards (or centers) are going to be credited with Tim Duncan's accomplishments? Just because TD and KG put up similar averages (TD still averages considerably more for career average), all of a sudden KG could and would have 4 rings with the Spurs, who's next? Zack Randolph has been putting up 22-24 ppg and 10 rpg the last 3 or so seasons, does that mean he should be credited with 2 of TD's titles? TD's defense in general is game changing, not close to KG's (a small forward essentially, shoots all jumpers), and worlds above Randolph's (not existant).

Who is softer, KG or Dirk? Based on their sucess, the least sucessful being the softest, its KG. Both are jump shooters, but only Dirk gets critisized for being one; only Dirk is laughed at for not playing like a center (Duncan). Dirk's style has given him much more success than that same style has given KG, so KG IS SOFTER THAN DIRK.

Spare me, the "KG has no help!" nonsense. If Kobe can get the Lakers into the playoffs as the 6th seed IN THE WEST (obviously), in the same division as the Suns, Warriors, Clips, etc., then KG has no excuses about his team making the playoffs in the North West Division, with the likes of Denver, Utah, Portland, and Seattle!

Since KG is considered an elite player (he isn't actually, he hasn't proven anything), he deserves elite criticism, the same as Dirk (could he be more criticized?), Duncan (only 4 titles but all b/c of the ball boy or arena maintenance staff), or Kobe (0 titles as the main man, but at least he's gotten his team the playoffs consistently as of late).

Again, based on the success as the main guy, Kevin Garnett is by far a bigger choker than Dirk. It's ironic, Garnett is far more clutch, but simply has not impacted the game during the season to even get to the playoffs. Dirk tightens at the end of games (except against the Spurs?), but as has accomplished much more than Garnett to date.
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