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Tyus's recruitment the last few weeks was an interesting one. His three finalists were Ohio State, Illinois and Florida, yet a couple weeks ago, he didn't actually have a scholarship offer from any of them.

He was set to visit OSU before Thad Matta essentially pulled a power play on Evan Turner, telling him that Tyus was visiting shortly and that if he (Turner) wanted to play for Ohio State, he needed to accept the scholarship now. Combine that smart, businesslike recruiting with guys like Kosta Koufos telling Turner to come play with them, and with Turner's dad living in Ohio, and it's easy to see how Ohio State got the surprise commit from him, instead of Illinois. (Considering Illinois ended up with McCamey the next day, thus giving us a very good point guard and being able to put the full-court press on Derrick Rose, it ended up working out okay. The decision of taking Turner and McCamey and closing out the '07 class with that was taken out of our staff's hands, and while that would be a better class on paper than any of Self's at Illinois, you just cannot give up on Derrick Rose.)

So with Ohio State out of the picture for Tyus, he reportedly said the only school he was thinking about at the time- about two weeks ago or so- was Illinois. Reportedly, Tyus called the Illinois staff and told them he was ready to commit, but still not having a scholarship offer from Illinois, Weber and Co. told him that they couldn't accept his commitment at that time, because they had "other plans."

That other plan, of course, being Derrick Rose. Now, if the staff told a Top 50 guy with traits we don't quite have in this otherwise very good class- big-time athleticism from a big man, inside scoring, shotblocking- that we wouldn't accept his verbal commitment, combined with Rose and Eric Gordon playing like they've been together for years at the Peach Jam, that leads me to be a little more optimistic about his recruitment.

Florida was supposedly Tyus's favorite school all along. So if the staff had any idea they were about to offer him, which they obviously finally did, then it was doubly smart to not take the verbal from him because he'd probably have quickly changed his mind anyway.

Of course, if Derrick Rose ends up elsewhere, I'll sure wish we'd have taken Tyus.

Anyway, take that all with a grain of salt, but it comes from a source I consider reputable.
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