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Very much so. I tend not to post alot in Sixer related topics cause when there is one, it's diluted in about 5 or more others of the same topic. I've supported the franchise since the beginning of enjoying basketball which is watching NBA with my father since I was a little tyke during the 83 run.
I've said many times that Hersey Hawkins is one of my favorite players, how we've seemed to be burdened many years by "the trade" and how the AI trade rumors floating around reminds me of that situation, and some other Sixer related threads.
I know it may seem like I don't throw my 2 cents in there alot about them, but it's hard to be recognized when you don't make your posts controvertial.
But rest assure, I'm a Sixer through and through.
I've supported them when it was Hornecek and Barros running the show, when we drafted Sharone Wright, and when Barkley was dealt for garbage. Why stop now?
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