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Default Re: Aaron Brooks Highlights

Originally Posted by Cavs2007Champs
I'm a big Oregon fan and a big Brooks fan, I'm mad that he went 2 Houston cuz I don't see many Rockets games being in Ohio.

And I agree it didn't make sense that you guys selected him needing a 4, but I am a Cavs fan, and I look at the possibility of dealing either Anderson Varejao or Drew Gooden, for a PG and a filler from the Rockets.

I'm assuming they know they need 2 deal a PG

But as for Brooks, I watched a lot of Ducks games and he was amazing. I don't know how the college game transitions into the NBA,

but the man can shoot from anywhere on the court, he will be instant offense.
He is clutch, he hit numerous game winners
He was the leader of that team.
He led them in scoring and led them into the Elite 8, and with a little more help they could have upset the Gators.

His penetration game reminds me of Gary Payton and Tony Parker, especially the way he uses that floater, and he is good at bothering big men when they drop the ball low.

I think Brooks was underrated throughout the whole drafting process, I thought he was a first round talent, but I agree Houston could have gone somewhere else with their pick.

Unless they have trades lined up 2 fill that 4 spot. Cleveland needs a PG and Houston needs a PF, who knows what could happen.

Alston and Head for Gooden?
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