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personally, i think that once foye's shot comes around. he will be better than roy. i dont know if we made a good decision though. it all depends wether foye's point gaurd ability improves. If his point gaurd ability turns out to be all that then we made a good decision. SG are really easy to come by, point gaurds are a little tougher. If he turns out to be chauncey billups, i'll take foye over roy anyday. i think both will contribute about the same this year. u cant really be mad at how consistent foye is and at point gaurd position and you can get 4 rebounds a game, that will help out a lot. again, if he's a point gaurd and can get 4 rebounds a game, i would take that over a SG who can rebound about the same anyday. for this year alone...if all i cared about was this year i would of drafted roy and kept him. if i didnt care what point gaurd we had after mike james...i would of taken roy. i think we made a pretty good choice for what we will need in the future and with mccants developing into a decent scorer and foye developing into a point gaurd that can score. i think we will be having better trade value on our team after the next 2 years. we still need more size in our 2nd position though eventually and that's one reason i would of thought about in drafting roy, but i dont think we will have much trouble finding that later on...trenton hassell and ricky davis will take care of our 2 and 3 for now. if i could of gotten marcus williams and roy, i would of taken roy but that not being the case, i take foye.
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