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Originally Posted by cyco127
No doubt in my mind, Boozer will play like he's worth the 68 million the Jazz tossed his way.
If any of you have followed Booz thru his NBA days, you know that he was drafted in the 2nd round(35th I believe) by Cleveland.
His 1st season there he didn't do much, but his 2nd year, with no plays set for him, he averaged a double/double in the season.
His 1st year in Utah was a waste, and none of us will ever know what happened last year. All we do know is that when he came back, he was the most dominant player on the team(which seemed to russel Okur's hair a bit.
This year, barring any injuries, he is going to prove why he is one of the top 5 PFs in the league, Yes, that's not a misprint.
He will help guide Utah into the playoffs and also make the all star team.
Don't forget, 2 years ago he was on the olympic team and did nothing to discredit himself when he was on the court.
Watch out folks, Booz is coming back!!!!!
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