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Originally Posted by jailer
Yeah im sure phoenix would love this.They get younger and more athletic and lose a big contract.The grizz older and lose speed.Ivaroni is building a race car here.He wants it to run at all horses.We cant start taking out the parts that make it go for new accesories.Thomas I agree three years ago.Warrik and lowry are good young pieces.Warrik is vesatile.Swift should be first in any trade talks.

We get older for one year. We also get money for 2008 which allows to really look at good FA's. And Im sorry but Thomas was pretty good for the Suns and theyre faster than anything were gonna pull in our first year with the system.

Yes we are building a race car, but the finished product wont be out in 07/08. It takes a couple of seasons to build those things.

And for your last comment, look at the last trade i put up that worked financially. I know were older and "slower" for one year (albeit older and slower by 1 player alone), but in the end it does nothing but give more flexibility and potential.
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