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Was that a pun? They are still a top 5 title contender. They have arguably the best big 3 in the league and the most under-rated coach. Jackie Butler would be a nice signing if NY doesn't match the offer sheet, but I don't know about the Elson offer. Granted it's a short deal, so they could get out of it. I wish they would sign and trade for Al Harrington who would play the 4 and move Duncan over to his natural 5 to give them the more modernized look they want. Harrington wants to play with a winner and they could find a third team to involve in the deal. I doubt it will happen with Indiana and Golden State pushing hard for his services. I also wish they would offer Luis Scola a contract, who is most likely playing overseas next year. The Spurs will be fine, and will have their big 3 rested, healthy, and ready to go next year. They are still a serious title contender.
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