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Default Re: the Tony Parker of the ASIA...

"5.Jason Castro ( Air 21)-

Name: Jason Castro
Height: 58
Weight: 170 lbs
DOB: 1986
Age: 21 yrs.old
School: Philippine Christina University
Team: Toyota Balintawak
Award: MVP of the ABC Tournament, PBL Mythical 5 member (2), (2) PBL Most Valuable Player.

The 2007 PBL MVP one of the best combo guard in the NCAA and PBL would be an excellent pick for the young and upcoming Air 21 Express with Winnie Arboleda on the backcourt this will be an excellent run and gun team. With Jason Castro and Chico Lanete producing numbers befitting their status and Ryan Arana providing the needed firepower, the Batang Pier etched their names in the history books when they overpowered Cebuana Lhuillier Pera Padala, 90-75 and completed a swept of the PBL Unity Cup at the Olivarez Sports Center.

PBL Stats

12.28 PPG
5.33 RPG
4.0 APG
1.6 SPG
23 MPG

Jason Castro move


-Lebron 23
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