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Default Re: Hey Jordan guys, I'm interested in Jordan's playoff and finals stats

Originally Posted by OneWay
I've read somewhere he had like 40 ppg playoffs but I'm not sure so could someone list his stats from the playoffs and finals?

Not to trouble you, could you only list playoff and finals stats from the years when he won rings? Thanks.
just go to and look at his player profile to see his full playoff stats. his finals stats will be harder to find i guess. i think in 91 he averaged 33pts and 11assists against LA. in 93 he averaged 41 or 42pts and 7 or 8 brds against the suns (finals record pt/game average). even at 35 or 36 yrs old in 98, i'm pretty sure he put up 38pts per game or so against utah. "only" 27 or so against the sonics in 96. not sure about the other series against utah or the one against the blazers. he set the finals (possibly playoffs actually) single half record for pts and 3s made in the 1st half of game one of the 92 finals.
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